Products, Tips and Tricks

Product tipsIn this section, I will talk about the different products I use.  I’ll cover everything from Coconut Oil to Cacao Powder, different flours to use in baking, and even share some tips on how to get started changing lifestyle habits and eliminate the toxins from your bodies.  We’ll do all this without pills and their side effects and co$t.

The product sitting in front is a new find for me.  Coconut Palm Sugar is an amazing product.  It is made by making a cut into the flower of the palm and collecting the sap.  Heat is then used to evaporate most of the water.

COCONUT PALM SUGAR looks a lot like brown sugar and it tastes like the burnt sugar crust on a Creme Brulee, only not quite as bitter.  The sweetness is similar to brown sugar.

I wouldn’t say use it in anything you would use normal white sugar in, but there are applications that turn out amazingly well.  Use it in baked goods, and especially pair it with anything chocolate for a great combination.  I made my first Paleo Chocolate Ice Cream tonight with it, and it’s a lot like using Espresso in a chocolate dessert, or as I said, similar to Creme Brulee.

One teaspoon of Coconut Palm Sugar has 15 calories. Unfortunately there are not a lot of other minerals, etc.. in it, but for something that will allow me to make ice cream on occasion, I’m in.  I’m sure you can find higher quality, organic products online or in higher end grocery stores, but I found my experimental jar at Walmart in the sweetener aisle.