Alternative Therapies

**This will be a work in progress for some time.  I will attempt to cover a topic, then add another, then another and so on.**

“Alternative Therapies” is such a vast topic, it really could be in a blog of its own…not a subtopic.  I will try to briefly cover some of the categories of the models that are included in Alternative Therapies (AT).  First of all, what are AT?  What does it mean?  What does it treat? Why would you opt for an alternative treatment? How does it work?  And, the $1,000 question–is it real?

Is it real?  100% unequivocally, YES!  Are those who administer alternative or holistic treatments legitimate? I can only speak for those who I personally know and have been trained by, or treated by.  The answer to that is also yes.  However, I can no more accurately answer that than I could answer are all surgeons “good” surgeons or all family doctors “good” doctors or are all veterinarians “good” veterinarians.

I will say of those I know, as well as myself, every one of us spends varying amounts of time every day praying, meditating, studying, reading and working to increase our awareness, heighten our senses and sharpen our focus.  To do what we do is a life-long commitment to our fellow human beings, and sometimes, our four-legged friends.  Life is sacred–all of life–and we are charged with the responsibility of doing everything we can to alleviate pain and suffering where ever it may be found.  That pain my be physical, it may be emotional or it may be spiritual–or a combination of all three.  Only by being attuned to the heart of God and acting as we are led can we hope to be a conduit for any healing that takes place.

Make no mistake…it is God who heals.  He heals by His power, His presence, His energy, His touch and His Spirit.  Like any person who desires to excel in his craft, we study, we pray and we practice.  One of the key elements for any person who works with alternative therapies is we have also learned (and are always learning) to listen intently and train our senses to act accordingly to that “small still voice.”  We use our hands to sense a change in the energy or electromagnetic field a person transmits.  With that, the first element I will cover is Reiki Energy Work.