Billy Leon Templeton has been a writer, chef, and most recently added Reiki Master to his work.  He has always known he was put on this earth to make a difference in people’s lives.  “Every experience we have ever had whether it was painful, joyful, sad or happy, is a piece of the puzzle that is who we are.  Every relationship, every heartache, every day of sun and laughter will give us insights and wisdom to someday use to help someone else–IF we seek guidance to learn and apply those lessons.”

Our bodies were designed to heal itself…watch how a cut on your finger heals from the inside out.  That is how we were programmed starting with the first cell division.  But, we have to feed our bodies the right kinds of food, drink good, clean water and meditate and pray and believe.  Our society today has gone so far off course.  If our heart’s desire is to truly get back on course, we have the tools and the help to learn “The Art of Healing Inside and Out.”

You have to listen to that small still voice and follow your heart and intuition.  Open your arms, lift up your hands, receive and give.  Love abundantly, forgive unceasingly and live the life you were created to live.  Blessings!  I acknowledge you for who you are, and I Thank you for being here.