Bake a Cake, Light a Candle

I made my entrance into this world July 11, 1957.  This day has special meaning for not just being my birthday, but for being able to say “made it another year.” In 1989, at 32 years of age, I was told I had maybe a year to live.  I had just finished culinary school and my career was shooting up.  All of a sudden, the bottom dropped out.  I also enjoy this day because it gives me another chance to email the doctor that gave me that news just to let him know that me and God are still proving him wrong.

I began writing these stories last January.  I was recovering from what was supposed to be a routine surgery that was anything but.  What should have taken 45 minutes ended up taking 4 1/2 hours.  One thing that came out of it was, of course, they did all kinds of blood work and lab tests, so even though I hadn’t even discovered Paleo, it ended up giving me a starting place.  I found out about Paleo a week or so after that.

At that time, my blood pressure was high enough they wanted to put me on meds…”Nope.”  My blood sugar was high, my cholesterol was high and my triglycerides were really high.  I started to do Keto, but decided that was a bit too much for me.  I didn’t think I could stick with it, and I’m not the kind to not finish what I start.  Then I heard about Paleo.

In the beginning there were a couple of things I missed–good cheese, bread, pasta, sugar–OK, more than a couple.  But, I figured I would give it three months and then decide.  Two weeks in I decided I could live this way even though Day 10 was my withdrawal day–headache, cramps, nasty attitude.  There were things that were tough to give up, but a lot of things I loved.  It was a trade-off I could live with.  The first thing I noticed was that with no flour in my diet, I began to feel better.  I wasn’t as sluggish, my sugar didn’t spike then crash, and I slept better.

I started to lose weight, so that was encouraging, then after about a month, I noticed the inches were coming off my waist.  In all, I’ve lost about 25 pounds, and I’ve lost 8 inches!!  But what do the numbers say?

Last Friday I had another appointment with all the poking, sticking, bleeding as usual.  Before they even started, they took my blood pressure…120/80!!  Then the test results began to come in.  Every single one came back in the normal range.  Cholesterol was 165 and triglycerides 147–well within the normal range.

I can honestly say the only thing I’ve done differently was adopt the Paleo lifestyle…and I’m not doing hard core, and I’m not (gasp!!) exercising any more than I ever have.  So, even if I didn’t like it, I can’t argue with the numbers.

And I get another chance to tell the doctor “I told you I wasn’t going to be that statistic!!”

Namaste     b

One thought on “Bake a Cake, Light a Candle

  1. Lynda Tarter

    Amazing Billy, Proud of You!! Glad You understand all calaries and foods and what they do. Thank You for info., well said!!


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