Here Comes the Sun

Here in East Texas we have had rain…lots of rain.  It has been more than two weeks since the sun has been out for more than a few minutes in the breaks in the clouds, and there have been very few breaks.  We’ve had flooding, but, Thank God, nothing like they’re experiencing on the Ohio River and in other parts of the country.

Our lakes are full and many have flood gates open.  My favorite lake, Lake Palestine, is running slightly less than two feet over the spillway.  Full lakes at the beginning of March is exactly what we need.  It won’t be long before the summer heat sets in and things begin to dry up.

The temptation to grumble and complain about the non-stop sogginess is certainly there,  but I grew up in the Texas Panhandle where this year they have gone nearly 120 days without any rain…3 months of nothing but cold and wind.  So believe me, I stop myself and anyone else I hear from complaining about the rain.  It’s only been a year since the Panhandle of Texas and parts of Oklahoma were scorched bare by wildfires.  So many people lost everything in those fires.  Scores of cattle, horses and deer, homes, hay, and miles of fences were burned.  So, I won’t complain about the rain (and I’ll pray for rain for them).

Yesterday, the sun was out all day.  I worked in the yard and my gardens like a beaver getting ready for winter.  I actually got to wear shorts and a t-shirt (except for when I was cutting the roses back).  It was great to just be outside in the sunshine.  My body was soaking up Vitamin D like a sponge soaks up water.  My whole outlook and attitude changed.  I have to have sunlight.  Otherwise I begin to feel like the weather–gloomy, gray, kind of soggy and just miserable.  I’m not really depressed, just–well, gray.

The whole world woke up yesterday.  Bees were buzzing around the early dandelions, birds were singing and animals were out and about everywhere.  I used to fight dandelions, but then I learned they are usually the first food sources for bees, so I leave them alone.  One of my projects this year is to plant a bee garden.  It will have plants and flowers especially for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Spending days outdoors like that is so good for the soul.  I take off my shoes, get myself grounded (literally) to the earth and the energy she gives.  I soak up the sun and sounds of nature and let all the negative stuff I’ve accumulated like dust by being shut indoors wash away in the golden warmth of the sun.  Has me singing that old song “Here Comes the Sun.”  Over the next few days I’ll be writing about using nature to nurture our body, mind and spirit.  When the sun shines, soak it in…it’s good for the soul.


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