Celebrate Your Victories

valley waterfallToday begins week 7 of my Paleo journey.  I have reached the half-way point of my weight loss goal, and have lost 5 inches from my waist…seem to be kind of stuck on that number, but that’s OK–in fact, I’m thrilled with that!!   The weather has been gloomy, cloudy, misty, rainy and mostly too cool to get outside and do very much in the yard or my garden.

In all honesty, I could do it, but I don’t like the cold, and I don’t like the dampness.  So for now, I’ll spend my time indoors looking through past issues of Mother Earth News, and seed catalogs.  More and more my interest has turned to heirloom vegetables.  There’s a lot to be said for the old varieties–mainly that they taste so much better than their beauty pageant counterpart hybrids.  They taste better and they are easier to maintain so who cares of their are not quite as pretty and perfect…most of us aren’t either.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves that we all too often forget is to celebrate our victories.  You need to let them in.  It’s easy to critique ourselves and see all the things we haven’t done or still need to do.  It’s easy to say “I’ve reached my half-way point,” (and then we say louder with more emphasis) “but I still have so much more to go!”  You just missed your celebration.

We have been trained to focus only on the end goal that we often don’t see or appreciate the journey.  How many hills do we have to climb to reach the mountaintop?  How many valleys do we have to go down into in order to reach the next hilltop?  Rivers and streams only flow downhill.  They wind their ways into valleys and spread out onto plains before reaching their ultimate destination…the ocean.  Just look at all the gorgeous scenery in between!  Rivers celebrate the journey.

If we only look at the beginning and the end, how much breathtaking scenery will we miss in between?  How many victories will we miss out on if we consider the end result the only thing worth celebrating?  Let it in!!  Congratulate yourself…pat yourself on the back.  And above all, do it with gratitude!  Every time there was a slip, trip or fall, there was a lesson in there somewhere.  Be grateful for the lesson and get back up.

I have a friend who was a really good student.  Learning came easy, and they always made good grades.  When graduation came, they finished with a 3.9.  Someone told them “if you had tried harder, you could have done better.”  Obviously that was crushing…and that’s the way he learned to view his life. There was never any accomplishment.  There was never any celebration–the only thing he could see was what wasn’t done or what he still needed to do.  Because of that outlook, his life had no color…only grays and browns.

Instead of always looking ahead at how far you still have to go, turn around sometimes and see how far you’ve come!!  Do a little dance, sing a little song–do whatever it is you do, but celebrate your victories and paint your life with color.  Enjoying the journey is just as important as reaching the goal…and you’ll be much happier along the way.


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