No Diets Here!!

If you are looking for the next big diet trend, you won’t find it here!  The mission of this site and blog–and my passion–is to share information with you that can help you eat your way back to health.  I want you feel better, sleep better, witness changes in your skin, hair and nails.  And yes, if you do adopt a Paleo lifestyle, you will lose weight and inches from your waistline.  I know…I’m doing it now.  That’s how I know it works.

IMG_20180211_184022755Take a look at the gelato I made this weekend.  Does that look like something you would be able to indulge in on a diet?  Not any of the ones I know.  This Chocolate Espresso Gelato (and there’s a play on words involved here) has no dairy and no processed sugar.  It also has no espresso!!  The espresso flavor comes from the combination of the fermented organic cacao powder and the coconut palm sugar.  It’s one of those culinary mind games you can play on yourself or others.

In making “regular” chocolate desserts, I often add just a touch of espresso powder or even cold left-over coffee…and a pinch of salt.  It helps to bring out that dark, rich chocolate flavor people love.  One of the main reasons I got into pastry work and desserts was I quickly realized people would get crazy upset over a steak being not done enough, or (worse) over done.  But, no one got upset with the guy bringing out the chocolate.  I also realized that the dessert was the last thing someone would remember about their meal.  They might not remember how perfectly cooked the tenderloin was, but they didn’t forget that amazing souffle, or pie, or cake, or mousse…you get the point.

I digress.

Before making the commitment to switch to a Paelo lifestyle, I decided to try it for 28 days.  Anyone can do anything (well almost) for 28 days.  If I didn’t like it, or if I didn’t see results, then fine–no harm done.  But I did see results!! And it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it might be.  I’ve only been doing this four weeks, and they say it takes 12 weeks to completely overcome a habit. So yes, I still would like a piece of cheese, and biscuits still smell fabulous.  But, it isn’t as hard as it was four weeks ago.

I occasionally think about having a cigarette–and I quit nearly 5 years ago.  I still think about having a cocktail and I’ve been sober since 2001.   So, desiring cheese or a biscuit probably isn’t going to completely go away.  Now the good news!!  It is possible to find substitutes.  (Haven’t found one for cheddar cheese and the one I did try was horrible) What I want to do here is find recipes that are amazing and share them with you.  By my calculation, that gelato above has approximately 150 calories in a serving.

A quarter cup of the cacao has 72 calories, and that is the amount I used to make the entire recipe.  Full fat coconut milk (the nice thick kind)–and NOT the ones you make Pina Coladas with–has 120 calories in 1/3 cup.  A serving of a leading premium chocolate ice cream is 3 ounces and has approximately 276 calories.  The other vastly important bit of information is that the fat in the gelato I made is actually good for you as is the coconut palm sugar, and there is not a single ingredient most second graders can’t pronounce…no chemicals, no preservatives.

You can make amazing treats for yourself that are good for you (just don’t eat the entire bowl).  I have not felt deprived a single day since I started this, and let’s face it, that’s what leads most people to diet failure.  I’ll do the work and pass the results along to you.  I’d say that’s a win-win!  Getting healthy never tasted this good.  Here’s to our health!

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