From There to Here

The road from Point A to Point B can be an interesting trip–often a personal Tour de France.  People often ask me why/how I became involved in alternative treatments, or holistic medicine.  I had heard of these things before, but never looked into them until I was faced with a medical dilemma of my own.

I woke up one morning with a pain I had never experienced before.  Even though I had never had a kidney infection, or a urinary tract infection, I had an idea that’s what I was dealing with.  I made an appointment with my Dr., they ran some tests, and confirmed my suspicions.  He prescribed an antibiotic.  I took the pills, began to feel better, the pain went away and I was a happy camper…until I finished the pills.  The symptoms and the pain came back almost immediately.

I called the Dr. again and he said “maybe you didn’t take it long enough,” and gave me another prescription.  The episode repeated itself…two more times.  Each time he wanted to prescribe the same antibiotic and I grew concerned about becoming immune, and what if some day I needed that particular prescription and it would be of no use.

I called another doctor who did prescribe a different medication.  The same thing happened again.  I had now been on antibiotics for more than 5 weeks.  That’s when the little voice in my head said to look for a holistic doctor.  I found one, made an appointment and she did a couple of sessions with me and the infection went away and has never returned!

At the same time, I began to look into using various crystals and therapeutic essential oils to treat different ailments.  Some people want to get weird when you begin talking about crystals and my arguments are quite simple.  #1, I am not burning black candles and walking around with a chicken foot in my pocket.  #2 there is a verse in the Bible that says “Even the rocks will cry out (bear witness) if you don’t praise Me.”  #3, if you want to see a beautiful example of the miraculous power of God, hold a shimmering crystal in your hand and look at it–but really look at it–look into it, feel the vibrations of it.  That beautiful stone was at one time nothing more than a handful of sand.  It took the perfect recipe of time, heat and pressure to create that specimen…and if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

The second element is every created thing on the planet has an electromagnetic field.  A blade of grass has it, a leaf has it, every organ in your body has it, and on and on.  Crystals likewise have an electromagnetic energy field.   It’s pure physics that if you use a crystal that matches up electrically to whatever part of your body that’s out of whack, the energy (vibration) from the crystal can help realign that part.

I know of a doctor who is testing tone therapy to obliterate cancer cells.  Much like using a musical note to disintegrate a crystal goblet, using pitch and vibration as treatment on the cells, cause them to shatter.  At least that’s the theory.  Tone therapy, color therapy, mediation and prayer are magnificent weapons.

My point is if you can do something to help realign and heal your body, or combat a deadly disease, without the use of traditional medications and their side effects and CO$T…why wouldn’t you do that?

My best friend, Kenny, passed away a few years ago.  He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and told to get his affairs in order as he had very little time left on this earth.  His response was classic Kenny.  He told the doctor, “Listen, I may become a statistic, but it certainly will not be that one.”  He used only holistic treatments and began eating basically a Paleo diet.  No chemo–no radiation.  His goal was to live 5 years.  The last time I got to talk to him, he was angry, because it was clear he wasn’t going to make it to 5 years…he was short by one month!  He didn’t live weeks…he lived years and had an amazing life during those years.

I don’t want to mask the symptoms by taking a pill…I want to get to the root cause of what’s going on and help people find their own path of healing using the tools God has blessed us with.  I would never tell anyone to not see a doctor.  But I would suggest there are other avenues to explore that are natural and without side effects.  That is what this website and blog are about…if we feed our Body, Mind and Spirit and enter into our situations with gratitude and faith and love, there is no limit to the miracles we will live out.

Namaste.  b

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