Wellness Can Begin Today

The road to good health can often feel like a run-away roller coaster–over the hills and through the woods kind of ride.  Many people leave their health and well being in the hands of others, and our society has become one of using pills to manage our symptoms rather than getting to the root causes of what is making us sick.  For years, I did the same thing…I took a pill for this, a pill for that and while the symptoms might have faded, the causes were basically unchecked.

The intent of this blog is to share with you some of my journey and hopefully give you information that can lead you into a life of feeling great, sleeping well, losing weight and basically taking back control of your health.

I have been a professional chef since 1989.  I’ve worked everywhere from hamburger joints to the finest country clubs.  I have cooked for heads of state from many different countries and cultures.  The drive that has pushed me along all these years is I am still completely passionate about food and my main desire in life is to know that somehow I’ve made a difference in people’s lives whether it is through food, through writing or through sharing my spiritual journey.  You see, the road to good health combines all those things.  It’s not my place to tell you “do this,” or “don’t do that.”  But, I will share with you things that have worked for me…and yes, some that haven’t worked.

I believe the road to good health means taking care of the whole person…body, mind and spirit.  My own path has included traditional medicine, holistic medicine, Reiki energy work, tone and color therapy, meditation and crystal energy.  I am a Reiki Master.  I recently made the decision to make some major lifestyle changes and have taken on a Paleo nutritional program.  I don’t like the term “Paleo Diet” because it isn’t a diet…it’s a lifestyle.  Many of the recipes I will share are ones I’ve tried in just the past couple of weeks.  I’m a big believer in if something is good, remember it and use it again, and if it isn’t good…don’t it again.  I experiment a lot.  I have as much fun with food today as I did when I began culinary school.

The first recipe for better health that I would share with you is simple…I didn’t say it was easy…but it is simple.  Do everything you can to become a person of gratitude.  I’ll be honest, that can often be a struggle for me because there are a lot of things in this life that are just not fair or pleasant.  But, if you can start out with 5 minutes naming off the things you are grateful for, your list will get longer and it will help your attitude.  So for now, let me say I am grateful to you and for you.  I hope you enjoy this journey.




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